Question 3.4.9

Question 3.4.9

Is an execution message required for a delivery period without supplied volumes?

A non-standard contract provides the client with flexible rights to offtake the quantity. During a certain period (especially summer period for gas) there is no delivery under the contract.

Page 20 of the TRUM and FAQ 3.1.1 requires to report update messages of the table 2 contract as soon as the market participants are aware about the “outright volume and price for transactions executed within the framework of non-standard contracts”. This does not explicitly refer to positive volumes. Our interpretation is that also periods without delivery should be reported to ensure that a report for all periods is available. But this would lead to zero values for field 41 of the execution messages which might be contradicting to the opinion of the open letter.


Market participants should report the delivered energy as indicated in the execution report. When there is no delivery, there is no need to report execution.

However, where the framework of a non-standard contract allows for the sale and purchase of energy under the same contract, market participants should NOT net those EXECUTIONS, as they may in some circumstances lead to 0 (zero) volume at the end of the month.

Market participants should report the sold and bought volumes separately with different EXECUTIONS reports.