Question 3.5.2

Question 3.5.2

What does the status “Cancel" (Lifecycle information) mean exactly for a contract? The contract has been cancelled or the energy delivery is completed?

Moreover if a supplier went bankrupt (for example) before the delivery starts, how can we report this? A new report with "Cancel" or only in "EXECUTION" (contract name) reporting in the case of a non-standard contract?


The status “cancel” in “Action Type” data field No. 45 of Table 2 indicates the termination of an existing contract. “Cancel” should be used to indicate that the market participant or the execution venue has removed the order transaction from trading or, when a contract is terminated before the original end date.

If a supplier went bankrupt either before the delivery starts or after delivery has begun and an early termination of the contract takes place, then a "Cancel" report for the non-standard contract already reported with Table 2 has to be reported to the Agency indicating the date of cancellation. (Please see example 4.53 of cancellation of a standard contract in Annex II to the TRUM.)

For further information, please refer to Annex VII to the TRUM.