Question 4.1.5

Question 4.1.5

How to delete incorrect Total Allocation reports? In Table 1 or Table 2 we can use the field “Action Type”. What would be the solution in Table 3? Should we use Field 11 for “Document Status” with code A13 (Withdrawn)?


In Table 3, Data field No (2) ‘Document version’ has to be updated. The document version is used to identify a given version of a time series set for a given bid period. Each resubmission of a document (where the document is identified by field (1) ‘Document identification’) should be submitted by incrementing the value of the field (2) ‘Document version’ by 1. Note that the system will only accept a document with a Document version number which is greater than the previous Document version number of the same document.

For Rights: Data Field No (11) Document status (XSD: 'docstatus') shall be populated with code A13 (Withdrawn).

Total allocation and Bids do not have Data Field No (11) Document status, therefore, in case of a need to withdraw these documents a higher version of the relevant document only with a header without TimeSeries should be sent.