Question 4.2.11

Question 4.2.11

Identification of the party and its role in the reporting process in case that one entity plays different market roles:

One TSO can act not only as TSO, but also as:

  • Operator of capacity trading allocation platform (not being a separate legal entity – e.g. XX Auction Platform);
  • Independent system operator (of a different transmission system) – ISO TSO;
  • Market participant (gas purchase for technological needs, gas for balancing needs, use of storage capacities);
  • RRM.

What is the concept for reflecting the role fulfilled by TSO/Market Participant in a given situation?

How should the different roles be identified during the reporting process taking into consideration that the entity that plays all these different roles on the market could have only one VAT and one EIC?

Which codes defining the entity role in the reporting process shall be used for:

  • TSO;
  • Market participant;
  • RRM;
  • OMP?


There can be overlaps of the roles. The TRUM already clarifies which code should be applied.

The roles can be identified from schemas. For gas transportation contracts the fields for identifying the roles are:

  • TSO (field 1 for primary allocations and fields 25/26);
  • Market Participant (field 1/field 27 for primary allocations, fields 36/37 for secondary allocations);
  • RRM (outside of the schema);
  • OMP (field 2).