Question 4.2.13

Question 4.2.13

According to the schema for gas transportation transactions reporting: urn-easee-gas-eu-edigas-remit-gascapacityallocationsdocument-5-1.xsd, the only currency code allowed is EURO.

Please see the document Edig@s Message Implementation Guidelines, schema: Gas Capacity Allocation, element Currency.Code.

Does ACER intend to change this schema/element in order to be able to accept reports for transactions performed in other currencies (valid for UK, and the EU countries outside the monetary union Eurozone)?

Or does the Agency require conversion from the different currencies to EURO? If yes, what are requirements for this conversion?

What exchange rate shall be used?


The Agency, after consulting relevant parties, established procedures, standards and electronic formats based on established industry standards for reporting of information referred to in Articles 6, 8 and 9 of the Implementing Acts. The current schemas foreseen for data reporting to the Agency under REMIT are the result of extensive consultations with stakeholders during 2014 and 2015.

This includes the accepted values for the currency code in the above-mentioned schema. The Agency will base data collection as of 7 April 2016 on the currently applicable schemas in order to facilitate reporting for all reporting parties. This is why the Agency, for reasons of legal certainty and consistency, will currently not modify the schema in the near future. The Agency is currently aiming at reviewing the current schemas for data reporting in early 2017. The Agency will consult relevant parties on material updates of the referred procedures, standards and electronic formats.

In the light of the above, the only currency code allowed for the relevant schema is EUR. Prices which were originally not expressed in EUR should be converted to EUR.

The Agency recommends using the last available ECB reference rate for the currency conversion at the time before the trade is concluded. Please refer to for further details on the ECB’s.