Question 4.2.20

Question 4.2.20

In response to Q4.2.19 in the FAQ on REMIT transaction reporting it states that “transportation capacity which allows market participants to flow the gas from a non-balancing area to a balancing area is not a reportable contract. “  Does this mean that secondary transportation capacity transactions are only reportable where the capacity allows flow between balancing zones?  As transportation contracts in REMIT involve two or more locations or bidding zones I had believed that they were reportable regardless of whether the locations are bidding or balancing zones. However, this appears to be contradicted by the answer to Q4.2.19.

We have entry capacity to flow gas into a national transmission system from an LNG terminal.  If we transfer this capacity to another party, is this a reportable transaction?


An LNG regasification terminal is not a balancing zone in itself. In the Agency view, the transportation contract from the regasification terminal to the gas terminal does not need to be reported. There are currently no requirements for the reporting of transportation contracts involving locations that are not balancing zones.