Question 4.2.3

Question 4.2.3

According to Edig@s MIG for the approved by ACER schema for gas transportation transactions reporting: urn-easee-gas-eu-edigas-remit-gascapacityallocationsdocument-5-1.xsd, the field “PROCESS_TRANSACTION.ACTION_STATUS.CODE”  accepts the following values:

62G = Active.

63G = Cancelled.

66G = Changed.

75G = Correction.

Definition of element:

Status code of the report to be reported in accordance with current applicable industry standards as specified in gas network code on Interoperability and data exchange.

According to TRUM field (14) Action type, the following codes are permitted:

62G = Active

63G = Cancelled

66G = Changed

75G = Correction

Which status is provided to define the field – the status of the reported transaction or the status of the XML file?


The element “PROCESS_TRANSACTION.ACTION_STATUS.CODE” is dedicated to define the status of the reported transactions.