Expert group on wholesale energy market trading

Expert group on wholesale energy market trading

Scope of the group

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The group focuses on providing advice on REMIT policy matters, including compliance with the obligation on market participants to disclose inside information, as well as other EU regulations impacting on energy trading and market functioning regulation on energy markets, including financial market regulation. 

It may also provide advice on the REMIT Regulation more broadly in order to develop proposals for any future review.​

​The group  is composed by the following members (in alphabetical order):

  • Ms Volinka Augustenborg

  • Ms Camilla Berg

  • Ms Christine Hillion

  • Mr Karl-Peter Horstmann

  • Mr Robert Jambrich

  • Mr Pasi Kuokkanen

  • Ms Giulia Migueles-Pereyra

  • Mr Jethro van Hardeveld

  • Mr Pablo Villaplana

  • Mr Bernhard Walter

  • Mr Mark Csete (observer for ENTSO-E)

  • Ms Kathrine Stannov (observer for ENTSOG)​​