What happens if an RRM  cannot send transaction reports on time?

Answer: The Agency has established the ARIS Contingency Plan which is available to RRMs in the documentation section of the RRM Admin Profile. The Contingency Plan provides all instructions on what RRMs and market participants have to do in case of different scenarios that may impact the reporting.

As for the other obligations between the market participant and its RRM, the Agency points out that their data reporting agreement should take into account the ARIS Contingency Plan. Please note that if an RRM is not able to report its data according to the requirements set out by the Agency, the ARIS Contingency Plan is to be followed.

Potential sanctions for the breach of reporting obligations as laid down in Article 8 of REMIT are defined at national level.

All questions about the application of the Contingency Plan should be addressed to the Agency’s Central Service Desk: servicedesk@support.acer-remit.eu.