Will both technical compliance checks and content/business compliance checks be done at the time of report submission and will both (technical and content/business) receipts will be available at that time? If not, how long after submission of the report should we expect the content/business receipts to be available?

Answer: Whenever a file is submitted, it will undergo several rounds of validation.

A first batch of validation is under the name of "technical validation", this includes:

- name compliance

- decryption & signature validation

- xml validation against xsd schema

- additional validation dependent on the source of submission

A second batch of validation is under the name of "business/content validation", this includes:

- uniqueness of the data, if required based on the content

- compliance of data

- completeness of data

- application of business rules

The receipt availability instead follow a hierarchical structure, meaning only the highest level of "receipt" will be made available, so:

- if there is no error, the only available receipt for download will be a business/content validation receipt;

- if there is a business/content error, only the business/content validation receipt will be available for download;

- if there is a technical error, only the technical validation receipt will be available for download.

Typically you can expect the receipt to be available within maximum 30-35 minutes in case of large files, although you can expect the process to take less depending on your time of submission (if your system submits data in a peak "time slot", there might be a queue before handling your data, but this will be a transparent process for the end-user) or your submission size (if for example you submit a small file containing just corrections to a previously submitted file, the elaboration time will be much smaller than a fully-fledged max size submission file).