PC_2024_E_05 - Public consultation on the amendments to the electricity grid connection network code

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Electricity grid connection
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Electricity Transmission System Operators (TSOs), network users, producers, suppliers, new market players, public authorities, academics, think tanks, environmental groups, civic society and other interested parties.

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The electricity grid connection codes were established in 2009, with the HVDC Regulation entering into force in 2016. Important developments to decarbonise the European energy and transport sectors happened since then:

  • September 2022: ACER initiated the amendment process to the existing European grid connection network codes, as requested by the European Commission.
  • December 2023: after consulting with stakeholders, ACER submitted to the European Commission its Recommendation 03-2023 proposing amendments to two grid connection network codes (on requirements for grid connection of generators and on demand connection).
  • December 2023: the final report of the Grid Connection European Stakeholder Committee’s Expert Group on Connection Requirements for Offshore Systems was released (proposing amendments to the NC HVDC).
  • End of 2024: ACER will submit to the European Commission its recommendation on proposed amendments to the NC HVDC.


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Why we are consulting

In the context of the ongoing revisions of the European grid connection network codes, ACER is consulting with stakeholders to collect views on ACER’s concrete amendment proposals to the network code on grid connection requirements for high voltage direct current systems and related power park modules (NC HVDC).

The revisions to the NC HVDC aim to:

  • Enhance the existing grid connection regulatory framework.
  • Align the code with the network codes on requirements for grid connection of generators and on demand connection.
  • Ensure the interconnected system is adapted to emerging trends, such as the increasing generation capacity of offshore networks (AC hubs) and the connection of new system users (storage, demand facilities).

Next steps

To inform its drafting of the amendment proposal to the NC HVDC, ACER is:

  • running this public consultation from 17 June until 8 September 2024;
  • organising a webinar on 24 June 2024 (09:30 - 11:00 CET).