Question 3.1.1

Question 3.1.1

As from 1 October 2015, with the entry into force of the CAM NC, shippers now submit Double Sided and Single Sided nominations to initiating and matching TSOs. When the initiating and matching TSOs report the fundamental information at the Interconnection Points which TSO should report the Single Side Nomination and allocation information - the initiating TSO, the matching TSO or both TSOs?

We have an understanding that the spirit of REMIT is to avoid double reporting which would be the case with regards Single Side Nominations and related allocations.

In the Edigas REMIT Reporting Process v5.1 chapter 4 ‘Nominations Monitoring Process’, in section 4.1.6 ‘Rules Governing the Shipper_Account Class’ it contains the following data fields:

a- Internal_marketparticipant.identification

b- Internalaccount

c- Internalaccounttso

d- Externalacccount

e- Externalaccounttso

The Internal_marketparticipant.identification, internalAccount and ExternalAccount will all be identical in case of a Single Side Nomination.

If the matching TSO reporting their data populates the InternalAccountTSO with the EIC of the initiating TSO this would mean duplication of reporting as the Initiating TSO would provide identical details when reporting the same Single Side Nomination.

Answer: In the Agency’s view a single side nomination report should be submitted. It is up to the TSOs to agree on who does the reporting and one TSO can report a single side nomination. If the TSOs cannot agree, both TSOs should report nominations separately.