Question 3.1.10

Question 3.1.10

TSOs have to report nominations and allocations of booked capacities. If the Capacity is booked on a virtualized point (comprising two or more physical points), but the nominations and allocations are still made on the physical points (therefore points with different EIC codes than the virtual point where the capacity was booked), how the nominations and allocations shall be reported? Per physical or virtualized point?

Should the TSO aggregate the nominations and allocations for both physical points and report them as nominations and allocations for the virtual point?

It is TSOs position that in order to have a better understanding of how the capacity is used, it is better to aggregate the nominations and allocations and to report them under the EIC code of the virtualized point. This is the approach for data publication on the Transparency Platform of ENTSOG in case of virtualized points.

Answer: Nominations and allocation should be reported in a way that fits the specific/national market design. In most cases it is expected that it will be reported per physical point, but if the market design is constructed in a way that virtual points encompass two or more physical points then nominations may be reported per virtual point.