Question 4.1.5 Data collection

Question 4.1.5 Data collection

Do I have to send my disclosed inside information to the Agency?

Answer: According to Article 10 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014 on ‘Reporting procedures’, inside information should be collected by the Agency through a specific method: web feeds. In the ‘MoP on data reporting’, the Agency explains in Chapter 3 that “disclosed inside information made available through web feeds is collected by ARIS via a pull mechanism.”

Therefore, inside information should not be sent to the Agency. The collection point is the site where the web feed is embedded (should be the same site where the inside information is disclosed). The Agency will be able to identify the location of the web feed through the URL provided by the market participant in Section 1 of its registration form provided according to Article 9 of REMIT.

According to Article 9(5) of REMIT market participants are required to keep the registration fields updated. Failure to do so will constitute a breach of REMIT and will not allow the Agency to adequately collect the information included in the web feed. The field in Section 1 of the registration form should, therefore, include the exact location of the web feed. A generic reference to a homepage of a website is not considered by the Agency as a complete fulfilment of the registration obligation.