When registering on CEREMP, how shall market participants fulfil the mandatory field named "publication inside", dedicated to the web address of the platform used by the MP to publish its inside information?

Answer: As stated in the Open Letter published by ACER on 20 November 2020, the disclosure of inside information by market participants in order to comply with the obligation set out in Article 4(1) of REMIT should occur, from 1 January 2021 onwards, on an Inside Information Platform (IIP) listed by ACER on the REMIT Portal.

When filling the mandatory section “Publication inside” in CEREMP, the website of the IIP chosen for the disclosure of inside information should be provided in the main box. However, as of 1 January 2022, market participants will have the possibility to declare that they find it unlikely to hold inside information by flagging the option “Do not expect to possess any inside information to disclose under Article 4(1) of REMIT”. In such a case, the box referring to the IIP address can be left blank or filled with "na" (not applicable).

The responsibility to disclose inside information under Article 4(1) of REMIT continues to fall on market participants. In case their circumstances change and market participants expect to possess inside information in the future, they should promptly modify the field “Publication inside” in CEREMP by indicating the website of the IIP chosen for the disclosure of inside information.