We are an ETRM provider and need to support our clients with their reporting obligations by developing a direct interface to connect with the ARIS system. We would therefore need the technical documentation although we are not an RRM. How can we receive the relevant documentation?

Answer: There are two possible ways to receive the RRM technical specification documentation as an ETRM provider:

Firstly, service providers have the possibility to receive relevant documentation from their clients/customers within the limitations of the Non-Disclosure Declaration. In order to get access to the relevant documentation, a client/customer has to register to become an RRM.

Secondly, the ETRM provider could initiate its own RRM registration until the stage of the RRM technical specification documentation is reached, following the signature of a Non-Disclosure Declaration, and then inform the Agency about the cancellation of the registration.

From the Agency’s point of view, the first alternative seems to be the more advisable one.