PC_2023_E_07 - Public Consultation on the amendments to the electricity grid connection network codes

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Electricity grid connection
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Since the development of the first European grid connection codes in 2012, there have been important policy developments in decarbonising Europe’s energy and transport sectors.

The revisions of grid connection network codes are needed to update the existing regulatory framework to ensure Europe’s interconnected power system adapts to emerging trends, such as increasing number of electricity storage modules, electrical charging points for e-vehicles, or the proliferation of distributed energy resources.

In September 2022, the European Commission asked ACER to initiate the process of amending the existing European network codes. Since then, ACER has:

  • published a Policy Paper;
  • launched an initial public consultation to gather amendment proposals from stakeholders;
  • held workshops on different technical topics; and
  • developed concrete amendment proposals to the network codes for stakeholders' consultation.

Enter the Public Consultation on the Network Code on Demand Connection.

Enter the Public Consultation on the Network Code on Requirements for Grid Connection of Generators.

Why we are consulting

ACER runs a Public Consultation from 17 July 2023 to 25 September 2023 to gather stakeholders’ views on concrete amendment proposals on two European electricity grid connection network codes:

Stakeholders can submit their comments separately, to one or both network codes.

The public consultation will last for 10 weeks.

Consultation documents

Next steps

Based on the input from the summer consultation, ACER will prepare a recommendation for amendments to the European Commission later in 2023.