Question 1.1.27

Question 1.1.27

We started to report form April the 7th, 2016 and we reported all our standing contracts in backload and added, as it happened, execution of them. All the transactions were accepted.

Now one of our supplier, a company, from outside the EU, asked us to report for it as well. And here is where we have a problem. When we reported our contracts (3) in backload with this supplier he didn’t have an ACER code then and we reported that contract, and later execution, using the ACERNONMP.EU code. Now our supplier informs us that he has his ACER code now and asks us to report for him as well. All contracts were reported and accepted as well as all execution.

We have reported again those contracts and transactions with correct ACER code, and we would like to delete the ones with the ACERNONMP.EU code. My question is how we should do that: report it as error or report denouement?


As specified in the FAQ 2.6.2 a modification report with the updated ACER code should have been reported. It is necessary to modify the original report with the updated ACER code.