Question 3.4.8

Question 3.4.8

The question is about submitting the notional amount (Data Field R1.38). We would do so in a monthly rhythm. There are three dates where we get new information about the amount in month M, i.e. M+1WD, M+14WD, and 2M-10WD (WD being working days). The initial amount could be corrected twice in the course of two month following the month of delivery.

We wonder if we are to correct execution messages as well and if we have to do so every month separately or after the end of the calendar year for the whole delivery year.

In the FAQ document we found Question 3.4.3 which reads that “…the Agency currently would not expect any life-cycle event based on actual values available from the DSOs.” How is this quote to be interpreted to the effect of submission of executions?


FAQ 3.4.3 refers to accuracy of 99% and in this case the Agency considers reasonable not to update the EXECUTION report, unless Market Participants prefer to do so.