Question 2.1.29 Data Field (30)

Question 2.1.29 Data Field (30)

How to report Data field (30) Transaction timestamp for trades in case of Single Day-ahead coupling (SDAC)?

SDAC auctions have a gate closure at 12:00. Then at 12:10 the system receives orders of all NEMOs (PMB), at 12:22 PMB does the calculation and results to NEMOs through the trading system. portfolio allocation is completed, at 12:42 the PMB generates and share the GlobalPrelimConfirmation with each NEMO. This is the time when results can be made visible to the MPs that joined the auction. The preliminary results are provided to market participants just for preliminary orientation. Before GlobalFinalConfimation is sent and published, the preliminary results can be modified/recalculated.


TRUM indicates that for trades in auction markets, the transaction timestamp is the time of the announcement of the auction results or any subsequent modifications or cancellations of the trade transaction.

In the Agency’s view and based on the description provided for the Single Day-Ahead Coupling, the timestamp should reflect the time of publication of the Global Preliminary Solution (GlobalPrelimConfirmation) by the NEMO to their market participants, as this represent the moment at which the information on the market result, typically coinciding with the Global Final Solution, is provided to the market participants and can thus be exploited for trading on the wholesale energy market. The Agency is aware that the indication of the disclosure of the Global Preliminary Solution might occur differently in every NEMO, which means that the transaction timestamp reported for SDAC will differ depending on the relevant NEMO. In case the Global Final Solution does not coincide with the Global Preliminary Solution, a lifecycle event will have to be reported to the Agency.