Question 3.1.44

Question 3.1.44

As we are going to finalize our RRM registration process, we will be very grateful if you could clarify our doubt as regards the way of transmitting our non-standard contract. We have bilateral contract for the purchase of electricity to cover losses, concluded in result of public procurement. The price and volume is known in the moment of concluding of this agreement. We have prepared both: Table 2 (which we are going to send to ACER once a year) and Table 1 (with executions which we are going to send each month).

In your documentation (TRUM) it is said that non-standard contracts specifying at least an outright volume end price shall be reported using Table 1. Is it mean that we should report only Table 1 or that we should report Table 2 and Table 1.


If each transaction has a price and quantity defined prior to the delivery of the electricity, these should be reported as bilateral contracts with Table 1. Please see FAQ 3.1.14.