Question 3.2.12 Data field (28)

Question 3.2.12 Data field (28)

ANNEX II – Table 1 Examples 4.01-4.04 for Bilateral trades off-OMP versus Table 1 Examples 1.02-23.02 for Executions of non-standard trades

For the examples of Table 1 for Bilateral trades off-OMP, Field 28 has been populated with “00:00Z/24:00Z” which is in line with guidance in the TRUM.

However for examples of Table 1 for Execution trades, Field 28 has been left blank.

So that we can programme our systems in a consistent manner to populate this field for Table 1 under Phase 2, is it acceptable to always populate this field with “00:00Z/24:00Z”  regardless of whether the Table 1 is a bilateral or an execution trade?


Field 28 should be populated with “00:00Z/24:00Z” in line with the guidance in the TRUM. However, when Table 1 is used for the reporting of execution under the framework of non-standard contracts, Field (28) can be left blank as indicated in the examples available in Section II of Annex II to the TRUM.